What will broadcasting be like in 25 years?

            The way we watch TV has changed a lot during the last few decades. In the past we watched a linear TV with just a few channels. We had to check TV programming schedules and planned our time to watch certain shows. As more and more channels started to become available, other pieces of technology were introduced. First, the video recorder was introduced and that was a piece of technology with which we could have taped our favorite shows to watch them later. After the VCR age came the digital age and the broadband age, which revolutionized the world of broadcasting.

Now we are living in exciting times and developments in the world of broadcasting never stops. In the recent years we see how Netflix or YouTube are starting to take over the throne from the traditional broadcasting. Our viewing habits changed and they will continue to change as new things get introduced. The digital era made it different how we consume TV content. We are constantly adapting to new things and we should expect more great things regarding broadcasting in the next few decades.

Microsoft is the first company that started planning exciting things, although they have never been associated with broadcasting before. They are trying to transform the way things are broadcasted and are promising numerous great things in the decades to come. We should expect number of great packages to be delivered both live and on-demand, streamed directly to our mobile devices, gaming consoles, TVs and PCs. The technology that is expected to be developed is associated with cognitive services and media analytics.

By developing certain technologies we would be able to see TV characters and storylines get linked. Also in the world of sports, TV games will be revolutionized and completely changed. We could see all goals linked to a specific player with just one click of a button. Companies will start advertising directly on sports gears and equipment while you watch your favorite game. All major sports events will be broadcasted on demand on any possible device, and will be available 24-hours per day.

TV broadcast will take its example from the social media. Today if you check the social media you will quickly get a good picture about what is trending, what is popular, what do people like or dislike, what they are attracted to and so on. Major broadcasters will try to use this in their advantage and provide you with broadcast packages that will best reflect your needs. You can choose to watch anything live or save it for later.

Facial and voice recognition, content analysis, cognitive services, cloud machine learning and media analytics are just a few of the many things that will be taken into consideration and implemented in the future of broadcast. Everything would be personalized according to every individual needs. There are many more good things to come in the upcoming decades, so stay tuned and be prepared for the future.