What are the best live streaming apps for broadcasting?

            You have probably heard of several great live streaming apps out there, but have you ever tried one for yourself? Streaming is done very easily thanks to the several quality tools for live streaming that you have available. You do not need any expensive or fancy equipment in order to stream live. All you need is a camera and a microphone. The following are the best live streaming apps for broadcasting, used by many people worldwide.

  • Facebook Live is the most popular and most used application for live streaming. Anyone who has a Facebook profile can stream live on Android or iOs operating systems. As soon as you go live, your video appears on the News Feed and you can reach millions of people at once. When you end the live broadcast, the video can still be viewed on your profile. You can leave it on your profile as long as you want or take it down whenever you want. Through Facebook Live you can interact in real time with your followers and your live session can last up to four consecutive hours.
  • Livestream is another excellent service for live streaming, used by individuals who are serious about their broadcasting. You can find millions of live events at this service and they are often labeled as top platform for live streaming. Livestream service is very easy to use and offers very high quality. Their customer service is also very fast and responsive. At Livestream you can choose between three different packages – beginner’s package for those that are new to live streaming, premium package for smaller businesses and companies, and enterprise package for those companies that have bigger requirements regarding live streaming.
  • YouTube Live is great live streaming service where you can broadcast live all you want. There are hundreds of live broadcasting channels on YouTube that are active all the time. After your account has been verified you can immediately start with live streaming and engage in conversations with people that watch your stream. YouTube Live offers many professional features which you can use for your broadcast and you can even monetize your streams with ads and earn money.
  • Instagram Live Video is a service used by Instagram users where you can share your live video with your Instagram followers. After you end with your live broadcast, your video is no longer available on Instagram. Good about Instagram Live Video is that you can respond to comments in real time or you can turn off comments completely. Those that have public accounts should know that anyone can view their live video, while those with private accounts can be seen only by the circle of their followers.
  • Twitch is the last of the best live streaming apps for broadcasting, widely used by gamers around the world. The web blog Themes Pack states that Stream will be the #1 streaming app in just two years. Here you can stream how you play games and compete with others, or watch live instructional videos of other gamers. If you are a serious gamer that wants to broadcast live, then Twitch is the app to use.

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